Windy Twilley

Yarn keeps me from opening fire.



A few months back, Darth Vader yakked up some kibbles on my side of the bed. He re-ate the kibbles, and nibbled a 2-inch hole in my quilt. Because the barfy kibbles tasted SO GOOD and he COULDN'T STOP until every last drop was gone.


King-sized bedding is expensive, and I really like my quilt. So I decided to patch it. One idea led to another, and my single patch turned into a patch-pattern:

The original hole is at the crossing of the two lines. I bought cheap calico, some sheets of iron-on fusible webbing, and cut out the squares with pinking shears. It took me about 15 minutes to iron those bad boys on. I also bought a bag of red buttons (all different sizes and finishes) to go between the squares.

Total cost for my project? $13.00. I rule.


Anonymous Stefanie said...

Keep up the good work.

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