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A Tale of Two Puppies
Vader is one lonely guy. He has enough energy for two dogs, and he gets bored very easily. And when he gets bored, he chews.

About a month ago, we babysat for a French bulldog named Hugo and a chocolate-dappled weenie dog named Brownford. Vader was like a completely different dog. He was well-behaved and relaxed, and didn’t chew anything at all. So we decided to explore the possibility of getting another dog.

I wanted a rescue dog. I would prefer to save an animal from euthanization than pay a breeder for a "fancy" dog. We went to every adoption booth we could find, scoured the Internets, and came up empty-handed. We needed a dog that met a few very rigid standards - a smallish size (less than 20 lbs.) female that would fit with our current high-energy dog and our high-energy little boy. All the dogs I found were either not approved for children, or were senior citizens looking for a good place to retire, or didn’t like other dogs.

Dejected, we began discussing getting a second Boston Terrier. We’ve loved Vader - he’s the right size, build, and temperament for a little boy’s dog. Bostons are generally healthy, smart little dogs. And even if we were getting a "fancy" dog, it was still a dog that needed a good, loving home.

Luckily, we found a really nice breeder north of Tallahassee. She has a large property, with very comfortable kennels and lots of room for her dogs to run. All her animals were clean, healthy, and friendly.

We chose a sweet little girl and named her Coco - or Coco Puff, Coco Krispie, Coco Lopez, Coco Chanel, you name it. She’s fit right into our family. She and Vader snuggle up in the same kennel at night, and she never lets him out of her sight.



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