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Bye, Bye, Baby

Tomorrow I leave my baby for almost a month. I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy my purported vacation, because I'll miss him so much. I'll be spending a few days on either end of the trip with my mother, which will make her (and my grandmother) happy. I can deal with being away from Todd - he understands that I'll be coming back. But Tyler will be heartbroken. He gets upset when I go to the grocery store without him. And I will be heartbroken for him. I've tried hard the last few weeks to spend "quality" time with him - taking him to the park, making pancakes for breakfast, taking naps with him - but it's never enough. Even when I'm irritated at him, I'd still rather be with him than away from him.

Le sigh. I bought a bunch of books to keep my mind occupied on the trip.


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