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The Wedding of the Century

This weekend I attended the wedding of a dear friend from college, who now lives in Galveston, Texas. I'd never been before, but was impressed. It reminded me a lot of Key West, with the itty-bitty cottages and tropical foliage.

The best part of the ceremony were the vows. They were cobbled together from the couple's favorites:

"In the presence of God, family, and friends, I make these promises to you:
To love, honor, respect, and adore you
To protect you and take care of you, and allow you to take care of me
To communicate openly and listen carefully
To encourage you and be your advocate
To trust you and to be trustworthy
To take the time to relax with you and appreciate each moment we have
To be tender with you when you're troubled
To laugh with you when you're funny,
And to conspire with you when you're mischevious.
Thank you for finding me.
In all that life may bring us, my love and friendship are yours.
Let us create a home that celebrates good food, passion, laughter, and a
growing love for one another.
I am proud to become your husband/wife."


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