Windy Twilley

Yarn keeps me from opening fire.


While the Texas hurricane response is certainly more orderly, impressive, and generally smoother, they seem to be overly excited at the prospect of the Feds coming in as soon as the winds die down. The federal government is not supposed to be a first responder. It is not supposed to be The Leader in times of a statewide crisis. Why are newscasters gleefully reporting that Bush is holed up in Colorado Springs, waiting to spring into action at the first "all-clear?" What the heck is he going to do? Pass out blankets and debit cards?

The state government has a chance to be heroic, to fulfill its promise to the people of Texas, and yet it rolls over - defers to federal authority. Does that sound Texan to you?

The cowboys are dead, y'all. The heroes are too afraid of lawsuits and media criticism.


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